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"About Russian in Russian"!

My name is Irina. I am the founder of this online school and the author of a large project "About Russian in Russian". Maybe you have already watched my videos on the YouTube channel "About Russian in Russian" or did the exercises on the project's website ?

Often students ask me for a piece of advice on a good teacher of Russian as a foreign language. I know it is difficult to find a teacher with whom you enjoy your study. I decided to help everyone who is studying Russian as a foreign language and invited qualified teachers of Russian as a foreign language to my online school.

All teachers at our online school are native speakers who have a university degree and know how to work with foreigners. They will help you learn Russian in an interesting way and teach you to understand Russian culture.

On our website, you can choose a teacher and a lesson format, sign up for a lesson and get a free consultation before the first lesson. We also organize a discussion club where you can communicate in Russian on various topics.

We are waiting for you at the lesson and at the meeting of the discussion club!


Our teachers

Даша Труханова

Настя Павлова

Соня Белова

Даша Симонова

Лера Щеглова

Мария Коробкова

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Questions and answers

1. Are these individual or group lessons?


These are individual lessons. If you want to study with a friend, then this is not a problem. The price of the lesson remains the same.

2. Are these online lessons?

Yes, these are online lessons.

3. Where does the lesson take place?


Skype, What's App, Zoom, FaceTime, or whatever program you prefer.

5. What materials will we use?


At a free consultation before class, you and your teacher will decide which textbook you will use. Also, the teacher will prepare additional material for you (exercises, texts, audio and video recordings, etc.).

6. How to sign up for a lesson with Irina?


You can sign up on the main page of the site "The Russian in Russian" under "Sign up for a lesson" .

7. If I signed up for a class but cannot attend, do I have to pay for it?

If you inform the instructor about the cancellation of the class 5 hours before the start, you do not pay for the class. If you report later, then you need to pay for the lesson.

8. How to pay for the lesson?

Click the "Sign Up" button next to the number of lessons you want to pay for. Please note that there are classes of 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Payment is made through PayPal or Yandex Kassa. Unfortunately, we do not use any other payment service. Be sure to include your e-mail. After payment, the teacher will contact you to arrange a free consultation. If for some reason they didn't write to you, send a message to orusskomporusski.online@gmail.com

9. How can I find out the teacher's schedule?

In the section "Our teachers" you need to click the "Schedule" button.

10. If I don't like the teacher, can I change him?

Sure. Let Irina (orusskomporusski.online@gmail.com) know about it .

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