Questions and answers (discussion club)

1. Are these individual or group meetings?

These are group meetings. There are 6 people in a group.

2. Are these online meetings?

Yes, these are Zoom online meetings.

3. How long does one meeting last?

1 hour 20 minutes. You talk for 40 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes (you have a break), then you talk for another 40 minutes.

4. I don't know my level. How to find out?

You can take the test and determine your approximate level of knowledge of the Russian language.

5. If I want to participate in a club meeting for a level higher than mine?


We advise you to choose a group with your level of knowledge of the Russian language, but you can try a higher level.

6. Who is hosting the meeting?


Our teacher Valeria . It support Russian language.

7. If I have paid the monthly rate, but cannot attend one meeting, do I have to pay?


You pay a monthly rate. If you do not come to the meeting, then the payment for this meeting is not refundable.

8. How to pay for a monthly plan?

Click the "Sign Up" button next to the call club rate you want to pay. Payment is made through Yandex Kassa or through PayPal. Unfortunately, we do not use any other payment service. Be sure to include your e-mail. After payment Valeria will contact you to send pdf materials for the first meeting. If for some reason they didn't write to you, send a message to

9. How can I find out the schedule and topics of meetings?

You can watch it here.

10. If I understand that I need a group with a higher level of knowledge of the Russian language, can I change the group?


Yes. Let Irina ( know about it .

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