Hi, I'm Nastya!


I am a teacher at the preparatory faculty at the State Institute of the Russian Language. A.S. Pushkin.

I've been teaching Russian to foreigners for over five years now, and, of course, I really love my job.

My main goal is to help students learn to speak, so I use a communicative approach in my work.

I speak English fluently, so there will be no difficulties in communicating with me.

In my lessons, we will not only learn grammar, but also listen (maybe even sing) Russian songs, watch Russian films, learn interesting historical facts, get acquainted with Russian traditions, colloquial phrases and slang. Because the Russian language is not only about grammar rules and exercises. It is also culture, traditions, history.

If you want to learn more about Russia and learn Russian, then welcome to my lessons.


See you.

Here's my resume .

ИП Багинская Ирина Петровна

ИНН 236102044764