Hi, I'm Maria!


Nice to meet you!


I have been teaching Russian to foreigners for seven years already, I worked both at the Pushkin Institute of the Russian Language and at the preparatory faculty of MGSU-MISI, as well as at courses in language schools, as well as with corporate clients visiting the office.


Among my students there are guys from Italy, Spain, China, Canada, USA, Peru, Sudan ... And many other countries, it's hard to list them all! But do you know what unites them? Love for Russian lessons! Which I am happy to help instill and develop! How do I do it?


My main "trick" is that I always try to be on the same wavelength with my students: I am interested in what is interesting to them, and I try to use it in my work. Do you like Russian music? Fine! We will listen to songs, learn new words from them and learn something unusual about your favorite musicians. Even if you don’t know who your favorite is, don’t worry: I have great taste and I always know whom to recommend Do you like watching movies? I will gladly share with you my favorite movie masterpieces with the ability to analyze individual scenes. Do you read and want to read Russian classics in the original? We will gradually come to this!


I always try to make my lessons interesting, both for the student and for myself: when there is interest in the "teacher-student" duet, then the motivation to learn the language is many times higher, thanks to which the process goes faster and easier, and this is exactly what what we need.


I work with levels A0, A1, A2 and B1. I speak English and Italian.


I'm waiting for you in my lessons!

Here's my resume .

ИП Багинская Ирина Петровна

ИНН 236102044764